‘Because No One Was Born A Parent’® DVD series

A Parenting and Professional Development Tool like no other! Experience a broad spectrum of applied Montessori principles with this internationally acclaimed Parent Education Workshop.

Also available in Spanish!

‘Because No One Was Born A Parent’® DVD series introduces parents and educators to the fundamentals of child development from a Montessori perspective. When a family considers having their child participate in a Montessori Program, they often do not have a full grasp of what this unique educational approach offers. This DVD series aims to fill-in the blanks, both for prospective parents as well as those with children already in a Montessori setting.

The 4-disc Workshop series offers the viewer a virtual opportunity to participate in the engaging and thought-provoking daylong workshop, filmed during the inauguration of the Montessori Children’s Community, a Pilot Project in Vancouver, B.C.

A professional development tool for educators and administrators- the 4-disc series includes the Workshop, plus an additional disc that introduces the concept of a Parent Study Program and a step-by-step model for setting one up.


“The workshop was a smashing success! It was a new concept for all of them (teachers) to think of helping parents develop.

They were as impressed as I was at the way you were able to build theory into your responses to what they (the parents) had said.
It turned out to be very inspiring… I was pleased to be able to share something successful.
Thank you very much — I’ve become your champion for parent study.

Dr. Rita Schaefer Zener, AMI Trainer
-excerpt of impressions after using the DVD’s in a workshop for teachers at Webster Montessori School, NY.


When the DVD set was first launched nearly 15 year ago at the National Montessori Conference in Vancouver, BC -Canada, I said that 10% of the profits from the sale would be donated to a worthy Montessori project. By January 30th, 2010, a donation of $1,500.00 -an estimated 20% of the profits- was made to Child Haven International, for their Montessori program in Nepal. Please read on, be inspired, and consider donating to this worthy cause …or continue to do so -as you already have, if you purchased a DVD set!

Montessori Fundraising Project

Give the gift of Montessori, transform a community
Building on a Strong Beginning

In March of 2009, Child Haven International in Nepal, with the support of the Montessori Fundraising Project, opened two Montessori classrooms at Green Tara Child Haven School. We have plans to expand the program both to serve more children, and to purchase additional Montessori materials to follow the children’s development. We will continue to purchase materials locally, where possible, to reduce costs and to assist local artisans. Our teaching staff continues to receive guidance from international and local AMI trained teachers, and we are making every effort to create the best developmental environment possible for these most deserving children.

Child Haven International

Child Haven International was established in 1985 by Bonnie and Fred Cappuccino, both recipients of the Order of Canada, who have dedicated their lives to Child Haven for over 20 years. Child Haven operates 1 home in Nepal, 1 in Tibet, 1 in Bangladesh, and 5 in India. It looks after more than 1200 children, from birth to maturity. Funds are raised through dinners, auctions, and donations. Over 90% of Child Haven’s total resources go directly to children’s and women’s welfare.

Green Tara Child Haven School

Green Tara school was first opened on December 4, 2000, and currently enrolls over 200 children, ages 2 ½ to Grade 7, from the Child Haven orphanage and the local community. Sixty percent of the students are on full scholarship. The remaining 40% pay less than $7 per month. The school strives to give children the best learning environment by using innovative teaching methods, and encouraging the Gandhian principles of non-violence and equality.

Help Us Take the Next Step!!

The Montessori Fundraising Project has a two-year goal of raising $6,500, which will provide a full AMI program to over 70 children.

To make a contribution to our project, please visit www.childhaven.ca and follow the links for credit card, cash, or cheque donations. Be sure to indicate that you would like the funds to go to the Montessori Fundraising Project.

For more information, you may contact Matthew Sneyd at msneyd@gmail.com

Child Haven International is a registered charity in Canada, U.S., Bangladesh, India, and Nepal. Charitable Receipts are provided for all donations!