About the DVD Series

Parent Education Workshop

3 Disc Series – DVD Chapters

Disc One (1 hr 3 min)
1- Introduction to the Parent Workshop
2- The Power of Love
3- Children, The Hope of Tomorrow
4- The Secret of Childhood
5- ‘Educare’
6- Education for Life

Disc Two (1 hr 25 min)
1- Philosophical Questions
2- Educational Philosophies
3- The Purpose of Education
4- Character Development
5- The Process of Learning
6- Learning by Discovery or Learning by Exposition
7- Questions and Answers

Disc Three (1 hr 48 min)
1- Maria Montessori, Her Life and Work
2- Montessori’s Discovery of the Child
3- The Material for Development
4- The Spiritual Embryo -The Postnatal Period
5- How Children Learn Language
6- Human Tendencies
7- Planes of Growth and Development
8- The Child’s Absorbent Mind
9- Development and the Sensitive Periods
10- The Importance of the Prepared Environment

Chapters for the Introductory DVD:

1 Disc – Developing A Parent Study Program:
The What, Why, When, How, Where and Who

1- WHAT is a Parent Study Program?
2- WHY have a Parent Study Program?
3- WHEN to have a Parent Study Program?
4- HOW to get parents to attend?
5- Content of parent the workshops
6- The monthly meetings
7- WHERE should the meetings be held
8- Do not assign homework to parents
9- WHO should present the meetings?
10- The 3-tier Parent Program
11- Transitions
12- Social Activities

Once you receive the DVD, e-mail us for a copy of the PowerPoint with the slides shown during the workshop: go to Contact Us and refer to ‘PowerPoint’ in the Contact Form. And as you do so, why not share some of your thoughts about the series!

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