Testimonials at the Montessori Children’s Community (MCC)
in Vancouver, BC –Canada, where this workshop was filmed in 2006.

“Although we are experienced parents, having two teen-aged children and having attended other parenting courses, we have found the MCC parent evenings very illuminating. We have been impressed by the scientific approach behind the Montessori system and the balance of principles with the realities of everyday life. We have also found it useful to understand the activities our son is enjoying at MCC, so we can do complimentary things in the home – for example, initially using the letter sounds instead of names.” Michael and Rachel Woods

“In the first parents’ meeting we learned about the Montessori principles and the importance of a child’s development up to six years of age. We are so impressed with the MCC meetings. We feel the meetings are crucial for the parents, as it allows us the opportunity to learn more about what our child is learning everyday. We always look forward to viewing pictures of our children working with the materials! The MCC meetings also facilitate discussion with the other parents; it’s always great to learn about the other children’s development and how the MCC has influenced the child. The discussions always explore ways to improve our parenting skills to guide our child’s development. We value the meetings, as we see how parents work toward a common goal with the MCC, and the positive development of our child. We feel all schools should have parent meetings; this is the best way for parents to be involved with their child’s education.” Mr. & Mrs. De Mello

*As a parent, I do feel we need guidance in how to help and understand our kids. I have attained much helpful and enlightening information regarding the children’s psychology, as well as childhood education from the Parent Program. Such as the idea that education is brought out from within, and the notion of “freedom within limits”, etc. The parent program has helped me look at my child from a brand new perspective. It has also been very much helpful for me to understand the educational philosophy behind the Montessori materials. Linda Zhao

Parent Survey at North Star Montessori School, North Vancouver, BC CANADA

The following are comments made by parents attending the ‘Because No One Was Born A Parent’ workshop; they represent opinions given by mothers and fathers, of both new and returning families, and of children 2.5 to 7 years of age.

Did the workshop meet your expectations? (Please explain)

Yes; very useful to get underpinnings of the philosophy. Very engaging speaker.

Surpassed them! It explained the observations and conclusions that led to, and formed the Montessori Philosophy.

Yes, this workshop helped me clarify and understand some of the terms and parts of the philosophy that weren’t clear for me.

It exceeded them!

Yes. I was interested in a deeper understanding of Montessori Philosophy –the philosophy behind the method.

Yes; awesome speaker.

Much more than expected; it was a great workshop in which I learned a great deal.

Yes –I have a much better understanding of the Montessori method.

I had very little expectations as I was informed that attendance was mandatory –thanks!

Yes, I learned about the system and its expectations; it awoke in me a sense of learning more about Montessori.

Yes, I enjoyed the conference and learned much about the meaning of Montessori.

Yes; but I think more time is needed.

Eduardo was a pleasure to hear, and the session was informative and practical, as well as interesting.

What was the most interesting/surprising thing that you learned today?

Loved the explanation of ‘discovery of learning’; the discussion of love.

The concepts of the myelin sheath, indirect preparation, and the underlying inherent sense of the ‘joy of learning’ in the Montessori philosophy.That love is more than an emotion, but a decision that goes beyond feelings; also the Human Tendencies.

That order is a natural tendency; and that Maria Montessori was a scientist.

How much impact myself and my child’s educators have had over the first 6 years of my son’s life.

I now have a better and deeper knowledge of Montessori.

The four ingredients of Love; I never looked at love this way before –wow!

That others agree that children can be self-directed, and that too much teaching can amount to interference.

Development and discovery is at the child’s own pace.

Reinforced the fact that as parents and educators (guides), we have a significant role to play in helping our children develop -they are born to learn! Sensitive Periods was fascinating!

The fact that it made so much sense, and it coincided with so many of my thoughts on schooling and education –thank you.

How the child is thinking.

How every piece of material in the classroom is designed for a reason.

General comments

Eduardo is a clear, sincere, articulate speaker –his knowledge is important, his energy infectious, his kindness is inspiring and his love of children is beautiful. Thanks

More please!

Would like more on how elementary works within the Montessori framework.

I wish we can have the opportunity to have more workshops and sessions like this one; thanks!

Terrific teacher! (or should I say ‘guide’?).

It was a super-brilliant lecture –I am glad I came.

The presenter has a great sense of humor –love to have him back!

I believe that we made the right choice for our daughter by having her attend North Star.

Provide an agenda of what will be covered, and create more opportunity for discussion and sharing; offer other half-day sessions if possible. Great job, thanks!

It would be nice to have more workshops like this.

Very informative and enjoyable -thank you!

It was my birthday today and coming here was the best present I could have given myself –I have learned so much. Thank you!